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My Day 4

My Day 3

Read the text:

Susan’s daily routine
Susan gets up at a half past seven. She has a shower at twenty-five to eight. She gets dressed at a quarter to eight.  She has breakfast at eight o’clock. She goes to school at a quarter past eight. She has classes at half past eight. She has lunch at half past twelve. She finishes school at three o’clock. She studies at half past three and at half past four she has tea.  She plays at a quarter past five. She has dinner at eight o’clock. She watches TV at half past eight. She goes to bed at ten o’clock.

1. Mark the following sentences True (T)  or False (F).
a) She goes to school at a quarter past eight.   ________
b) She gets dressed at eight o’clock.                ________
c) She has lunch at half past twelve.                ________
d) She watches TV at ten o’clock.                    ________
e) She has tea at four o’clock.                         ________

2. Answer the questions about the text.
a) What time does Susan get up? _______________________________
b) What time does Susan have breakfast? ________________________
c) What time does Susan go to school? ___________________________
d) What does she do at half past twelve? _________________________
e) What does she do at half past three? __________________________
f) What time does Mary go to bed? _____________________________

3. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with He or She.
a) They play sports. _________________________________________
b) I go to school by car. ______________________________________
c) We watch TV in the evening. _________________________________
d) I have breakfast at seven o’clock. ____________________________
e) They like English. _________________________________________
f) We sometimes play Playstation. ______________________________

4. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate Preposition of time (in, on, at).
a) The classes start ______ 8:30.
b) I only have classes _____ the morning.
c) _____ night I watch TV.
d) My birthday is _______25th August.
e) I don’t have classes _____ Summer.
f) ________ Sundays I sleep till 11:00.

5. Build sentences.
1. always/her bike/at the weekends/She/rides
2. plays/never/tennis/He
3. watch/They/TV/at night/often
4. in the afternoon/She/reads/usually